APCL has a unique blend of design, cost estimating & cost management, project management and general construction consultancy experience and expertise.
We provide cost effective Quantity, Building & Valuation Surveying services for all sizes of New Build or Refurbishment Projects. From traditional procurement or Design and Build through to builders’ quantities we can tailor our skills to your requirements. We have extensive knowledge of all popular current contract forms including FIDIC, JCT, NEC, AIA and World Bank.
Our services further extend to Architectural Concepts and Design, as well as Financial Monitoring Services for major construction projects. Our team includes some of the most renowned Quantity Surveyors in the Caribbean. Project management of property and building / civil engineering schemes is core business for APCL.
What we offer is a flexible and highly tailored service based upon an extremely strong and well-proven formula for delivery. We have undertaken projects ranging in value of up to TTD$2,000,000,000.00 / USD$350,000,000.00 from both the public and private sectors.
Our full range of services are outlined below:

Inception - Appraising and reporting on the Client’s Requirements; inclusive of the client’s brief, project programme and budgetary constraints;

Concept & Validity - Preparing an initial design concept giving the intended space provisions and planning relationship;

Design Development - Developing the design, construction systems, materials and components;

Documentation – Co-ordinating the preparation of technical documentation inclusive of specifications, obtaining the Client’s authority for same and submitting
documents to the relevant statutory authorities for approval;

Construction – Supporting the contract administration process through inspection of works for conformity to the contract documentation;

Close Out – Preparing documentation to facilitate the effective completion, handover and operation of the project.

▲ Performing duties and responsibilities of the Resident Engineer as defined in the Construction Contract;

▲ Conducting the Management and Construction Programme, more particularly:

  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of works on site;
  • Providing on-site administration, supervision and coordination;
  • Attending progress meetings;
  • Assisting in the communication and resolution of construction-related issues;
  • Promoting adherence to safety programs.

▲ Reviewing monthly status reports with emphasis on:

  • Cost Control;
  • Monitoring Schedule;
  • Change Order Summary;
  • Quality of workmanship.
  • Managing Close-Out – preparation of the final punch list, review and certification of the completion of works and advising on issues arising during the defects liability period.

▲ Performing duties and responsibilities of the Design Engineer as defined in the
Construction Contract;

▲ Performing Engineering Calculations based on the scope of works as detailed in
the construction contract, inclusive of the following as may be required:

  • Geotechnical and Foundation Design;
  • Civil Design (Drainage);
  • Structural Design;
  • Highway and Pavement Design;
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design (MEP);
  • Lighting Design;
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (HVAC).

▲ Ensuring that all designs adhere to industry standards and design codes both locally and globally as prescribed;

▲ Providing associated services inclusive of but not limited to feasibility reports,
surveys and desktop studies;

▲ Providing ongoing engineering design consultation services including but not limited to:

  • Liaising with architect for the seamless integration of structural members and associated building services;
  • Providing as-built drawings where required;
  • Providing associated cost breakdown inclusive of Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimates;
  • Providing responses to RFIs where required.

▲ Preparation of Structural Integrity Reports (where required): Providing structural investigation services inclusive of the review of contract documents, design drawings, method statements, RFIs and correspondences and
providing recommendations on remedial actions where required.

▲ Co-ordination of the relevant specialist studies on behalf of the Client including Site
Investigations, Geotechnical and Topographical Surveys;

▲ Development of the Client Design Brief;

▲ Preparation of Implementation Schedules for Project Execution;

▲ Preparation of the Scope of Works, Employer Requirements and Conceptual Designs for the Project;

▲ Preparation of technical specifications inclusive of architectural, structural, civil and ME&P;

▲ Preparation of the Pre-Tender Construction Cost Estimate;

▲ Preparation of tender documents and/or Request for Proposals (RFP) packages as required by the Client for distribution to the various tenderers’

▲ Attendance at project site visits;

▲ Evaluation of tenders and submission of tender evaluation reports to the Client containing recommendations in respect thereof;

▲ Assisting the Client in the compilation of construction contract documentation for execution by the Client and awarded Contractor.

▲ Performing duties and responsibilities of the Engineer as defined in the Construction Contract;

▲ Conducting the Management and Construction Programme, more particularly:
  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of works on the site;
  • Attending progress meetings with the Contractor & Client Representative;
  • Conducting inspections as required to ensure the proper performance of works;
  • Managing total construction quality.

▲ Provide ongoing financial management/quantity surveying services inclusive of
evaluating cost of variations, weekly project cost report and performing valuations;

▲ Managing risk/disputes and providing support in resolution of conflict between
Client and Contractor;

▲ Managing Close-Out – preparation of final punch list, review and certification of the
completion of works and advising on issues arising during the defects liability

▲ Attending the pre-tender meeting;

▲ Preparing technical items inclusive of:

  • Advising on items required for inclusion in proposal;
  • Liaising with Contractor/Sub-Consultants/Sub-Contractor;
  • Completing Technical Forms
  • Organization & Staffing Plan;
  • Preparation of Preliminary Designs (Architectural, Structural, Civil & MEP);
  • Methodology & Work Plan;
  • Schedule;
  • Compilation of Technical Proposal

▲ Prepare financial items inclusive of:

  • Developing Bill of Quantities / Cost Proposal;
  • Liaising with Contractor/Sub-Consultants/Sub-Contractor;
  • Seeking written clarity on RFP from Client;
  • Completing Financial Forms;
  • Compilation of Financial Proposal

▲ Execution of Printing and Packaging of Proposals as required.

▲ Pre-Construction:
  • Performing duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager as defined
    in the Construction Contract;
  • Coordination of correspondence between relevant stakeholders and general project consultancy as may be required.

▲ Construction

  • Monitoring the activities of the Resident Engineer, attendance of progress meetings as required and review of daily monitoring logs and reports provided from the site;
  • Conducting inspections as may be required to ensure the proper performance of the works by the Client;
  • Validation of works, verification of payment certification and auditing of payments inclusive of Interim Payment Certificates and Practical Completion Certificates;
  • Preparation of progress reports inclusive of Project Particulars, Progress of Works, Project Cost & Schedule;
  • Identifying any constraints/issues which may affect cost, time, scope or quality of the project & recommend appropriate solutions;
  • Managing/Implementation of the following plans: Risk Management,
    Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality Control/Quality Assurance.

Post Construction

  • Issuance of snag lists and ensuring that defects are remedied;
  • Preparation of Completion Certificates and agreement of final accounts;
  • Documentation of lessons learnt and managing maintenance.
Inception and Feasibility Phase – Assisting in the development of the project brief, advising on economic factors affecting the project and preparing preliminary
estimates of the construction cost;

Design Development Phase – Preparing detailed Construction Cost Estimates;

Procurement and Documentation Phase – Assisting with (where required):

  • Development of the procurement strategy;
  • Review of working drawings for compliance with approved budget;
  • Preparation of tender documents & tender analysis

Construction Phase – Managing issues relating to the following:

  • Schedules of predicted cash flows;
  • Estimates for proposed variations;
  • Valuations for payment certificates;
  • Submission and resolution of contractual claims;
  • Final accounts for works on a progressive basis.

Close out Phase – Preparing valuations for payment certificates, finalizing variations and concluding the final account.

Other - Claims Evaluation & Defense, Extension of Time, Delays/Defective Works,
Counterclaims & Set-Off, Variation/Final Account, Audits (Project & Cost), Adjudication

▲ Monitoring the extent to which the original plans for a given project are fulfilled and identifying any deviations from these plans by utilizing the construction plan and
associated cash flow estimates as baseline references;

▲ Development of a project budget from the cost estimate for the project to be used
as a guide to manage the financial performance of the project and to assess the
financial integrity of the project;

▲ Conducting monthly site visits to determine the quantity of works: (i) completed; (ii) in progress; and (iii) outstanding;

▲ Updating the project budget subsequent to the site visit to reflect the corresponding
costs for the works and the amount to be paid for a particular valuation;

▲ Preparation of reports and interim payment certificates for approval of payments
to the contractor;

▲ Confirmation that all costs are within the cost estimate or project budget; that the
project can be deemed to be under financial control.

We provide a full range of Dispute Resolution Services, with particular expertise in construction and project management disputes.

Our capabilities further extend to property disputes, commercial disputes and other general civil dispute resolution. Our panel of professionals includes persons qualified in arbitration and mediation as well as experts in various construction-related fields including FIDIC Model Forms of Contract. We offer comfortable, private and well-equipped facilities for conducting meetings, sessions or proceedings, with administrative support. Particular services provided include:

Negotiation / Consulting - Providing support to a party representative with expert advice and consultation throughout any dispute resolution process to assist parties wherever possible in resolving project-related issues and/or arriving at an amicable settlement;

Expert Opinion / Determination - Providing expert opinion reports in a variety of areas inclusive of land and building valuations, construction cost estimates, review of bills of quantities/rates and other project documentation and structural integrity reports to assist a party in better ascertaining its position from a technical perspective;

Construction Adjudication (FIDIC DAB) - Providing qualified dispute resolution professionals for appointment to a FIDIC DAB where required;

Civil Mediation - Conducting Civil Mediation sessions presided over by a trained mediator and/or dispute resolution professional(s) familiar with the particular area of the relevant dispute;

Commercial Arbitration - Appointment as Arbitrator to determine a dispute pertaining to domestic or international engagements.

▲ Valuation / Property Appraisal Services are provided for private, corporate and international clients in respect of both residential and commercial properties across
Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Caribbean. These valuation surveys are typically required for lending, leasing or purchasing of property as well as for preparation of balance sheets and/or strategic plans by commercial entities. The deliverables of our property valuations include:

  • Property Checks /Building Surveys;
  • Comprehensive Valuation Reports.

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